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About Staindrop Remembers WW1

About Staindrop Remembers WW1

In early 2014 a small group of volunteers from Staindrop were looking for a way to commemorate the centenary of the beginning of World War 1. They decided to research the life stories of the forty men commemorated on the War Memorial in St Mary’s Church, Staindrop.

Thus began an interesting and sometimes emotional journey into the lives of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for the future of their country.

The culmination of their work was an exhibition ‘Every Name a Story’ held in July 2014 in St Mary’s Church and Scarth Hall, Staindrop where the public were invited to come and discover the results of their research. It was a wonderful day; many people came and were interested to find out about those ordinary men who had made such an extraordinary sacrifice.

Families of the men came with photos, medals, memorabilia and sometimes just stories about the men. It was heart-warming to know that their stories will live on.

The results of the research were compiled into a book which is kept on the table below the War Memorial for visitors to access. The research is also being shared with the Bowes Museum’s ‘For King and Country’ and Durham Records Offices’ ‘Durham at War’ projects to enable access by a wider audience.

Once the exhibition was over and they had recovered their strength, the volunteers turned their attention to the ‘others’, the ones who had served in the War and survived. This was a much larger project as it involved one hundred and eighty two men and women.

It was decided to apply for funding from the Heritage Lottery fund. In July 2017, the bid was successful and the work on stage two began.